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Setting Up DubBot (for Administrators)
Setting Up DubBot (for Administrators)

Ready to start using DubBot at your organization? These articles outline all of the steps to get your website content inventoried, analyzed, and ready for users to access in DubBot.

51 articles
Support and Training to Get You StartedNew to DubBot or considering a subscription? Here's what you can expect when getting started with us.
3 Steps to Get Started with your DubBot AccountSet up the sites, users, and policies for your account.
Kickoff Calls - What to ExpectThese calls help us get an idea of how you intend to use the tool, your goals, etc.
Walkthroughs and Training calls - What to ExpectThis is an outline of topics that will be covered in a Walkthrough or Training session with DubBot.
Create a Work PlanA Laundry List to Help Account Administrators Craft a Plan