Broken Link Status Codes

Every link in a website will return a status code. Typically, links with a 404 status code should be prioritized for updating.

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When a link is clicked, a web browser will receive a status code and display content based on the status code.

DubBot allows users to filter reported Broken Links based on status code. Broken links reported by DubBot will usually display a status code of 400 or greater.

DubBot uses bot technology to automate the testing of broken links. In some cases, web servers and some web pages have been programmed to refuse connection to a bot.

Often these pages will return a 401 (Unauthorized) or 403 (Forbidden) status code. While this information could be useful to some users, it may overwhelm reporting and action on actual issues. For these users, DubBot allows for filtering by status code.

Below is the list of the status codes that are reportable within DubBot.

HTTP_400: Bad Request
HTTP_401: Unauthorized
HTTP_402: Payment Required
HTTP_403: Forbidden
HTTP_404: Not Found
HTTP_405: Method Not Allowed
HTTP_406: Not Acceptable
HTTP_407: Proxy Authentication Required
HTTP_408: Request Timeout
HTTP_409: Conflict
HTTP_410: Gone
HTTP_411: Length Required
HTTP_412: Precondition Failed
HTTP_413: Payload Too Large
HTTP_414: URI Too Long
HTTP_415: Unsupported Media Type
HTTP_416: Range Not Satisfiable
HTTP_417: Expectation Failed
HTTP_418: I'm a teapot
HTTP_421: Misdirected Request
HTTP_422: Unprocessable Entity
HTTP_423: Locked
HTTP_424: Failed Dependency
HTTP_425: Unordered Collection
HTTP_426: Upgrade Required
HTTP_428: Precondition Required
HTTP_429: Too Many Requests
HTTP_431: Request Header Fields Too Large
HTTP_451: Unavailable For Legal Reasons
HTTP_500: Internal Server Error
HTTP_501: Not Implemented
HTTP_502: Bad Gateway
HTTP_503: Service Unavailable
HTTP_504: Gateway Timeout
HTTP_505: HTTP Version Not Supported
HTTP_506: Variant Also Negotiates
HTTP_507: Insufficient Storage
HTTP_508: Loop Detected
HTTP_509: Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
HTTP_510: Not Extended
HTTP_511: Network Authentication Required
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