Broken links may be reported due to a number of reasons. When a broken link is reported, a corresponding response code is provided. The 404 response code means that the page was not found at the designated URL. This generally means that a URL needs to be updated on a website. Users commonly prioritize reviewing links that result in a 404 response over any other type of reported broken link.

Broken links can also be reported because a network blocks traffic by a robot to the website or that a website requires login to be reached.

To enable users to more quickly identify truly broken links, DubBot administrators can configure what types of link responses DubBot reports for a whole account or specific sites.

This may be useful in cases where DubBot flags a large number of 401, 403, or 429 responses, among others.

As an example, DubBot might identify a link to log into an organization’s intranet on several pages and mark it as an error. Rather than ignoring the specific link, administrators can update the configuration to ignore broken links by response type. Ignoring link codes can be done on both the Account and Site levels.

Account-level Settings

Account-level link settings are under Settings → Links → Advanced Settings.

From the top navigation, select Settings. On the left navigation of the Settings page, select Links. In the Manage Link Checks panel, select the Advanced Settings tab.

Account Level settings page with Settings, Links and Advanced Settings highlighted in red.

Site-level Settings

On the site-level, navigate to the desired site under the Settings panel. From the specific site, choose the Standard Checks tab then the Advanced Settings tab. A list of “Allowed link check reasons” are displayed.

By default, all link response codes enabled for an account are enabled for sites within that account. In order to turn off a response code, simply uncheck the box that is next to the code.

Site Level settings page with Standard Checks, Advanced Settings and Allowed Link Check Reasons highlighted in red.

Note that changes made to your preferences will require a recrawl for your site(s) to update reported links. Feel free to reach out to DubBot’s Support Team if you need assistance.

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