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Add more specific checks to your account

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DubBot's Policy Library allows for simple point and click implementation of more specific checks for your account. This library is populated with the most often requested policies (custom checks) of our customers.

It also allows you to see how the policies are structured to assist you with your own custom policies in the future. It will be updated regularly, so check back for new policies that might be helpful to your organization.

Where to find the Library

To find the Policy Library, select Settings from the top menu, and from the left-hand navigation under Account Checks Settings, select Policies.

Screen capture of the Manage Policies panel in DubBot. The Settings button in the Secondary Nav is highlighted and the Policies button in the Left Nav.

Select the Add New Policy button and then Import from Policy Library in the dropdown menu.

Manage Policies panel showing drop down option Import from Policy Library selected from the Add new policy button.

Policy Library Options

If you already have the policy set added, you will see a button to Remove Set. If it is a policy set that you haven't already added, you'll see a button to Import Set. Some policy sets have been tagged to make them easier to find as the Policy Library grows. A few of the current tag options are SEO, Website Security, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).

DubBot App Browse Policy Library view

Policy Set Details

If you want to look at the checks in a specific set of policies, select the dropdown arrow to view.

DubBot App Website Security Best Practices Policy listing

The List of policies will display. Each policy also has a dropdown arrow so that you can see the Rules that will be deployed if you Import Set.

DubBot App detailed view of a policy and the rules used to create the policy

At this time, you must import the full set of policies. Also, the policy set is automatically applied to all sites by default.

Importing under a specific category

Policy sets are imported by default into the Web Governance category. If you would like to add a policy set to a different category for your reporting purposes, select the category using the down arrow at the right of the Import Set button.

Red arrow pointing to the down arrow located to the right of the words "Import Set" on the import policy button.

Web Governance category choices include Accessibility, Best Practice, Spelling, Flagged Words, SEO, and Links.

Once the down arrow is selected the dropdown menu appears with the available web governance categories.

Note: Once you release your mouse (or other selection tool) over the desired category, the policy set will be imported.

Ignoring Policies

If there are certain policies you don't need, simply return to the Manage Policies panel, check the box beside the ones you don't need, and select the Ignore button.

DubBot App ignoring a policy

To reactive a policy that has been ignored, go to the Disabled/Ignored Policies tab, check the box beside the policy you wish to re-enable, and select the Unignore button.

DubBot App to Unignore policies

As always, for each policy you can disable it for sites you don't want the policy to actively monitor.

Policy Sets

These pre-written policies are divided into collections of related policies called Policy Sets to add to your account.

Learn about what is available in the Policy Library Sets article.

Custom Policy Help

Don't forget that you can browse the Policy Library to see if there are any policies that are similar to the ones you want to enact.

Please contact DubBot support if you need help with the creation or modification of any of the policies.

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