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Ignored Paths for Specific Sites
Ignored Paths for Specific Sites
Used to determine which folder paths will not be crawled while DubBot inventories a site.
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Administrators can use Ignored Paths to ignore full folders or specific pages using this tool. This is commonly used for sites that contain legacy content that does not need to be tested and also for breaking a site into multiple site dashboards in DubBot.

Learn how to locate a Site's Settings panel for Modifying an existing Site's Settings.

To configure the Ignored Paths for a Site, select the Ignored Paths tab in the Site Settings section of the Site Settings panel.

Ignored Paths button is highlighted in the Site Setting section of the DubBot app

To add a path, enter the full (root-relative) path to the page or folder that you want excluded from the crawl inventory.

Using the following link as an example:

To exclude the 2020 folder that resides in the events folder, you should add the full path that follows the .edu domain extension as part of the exclusion. That path would be: /events/2020. This exclusion will only be for content within the 2020 folder.

Select the Add Path (+) button after entering the path.

Ignored Paths field is highlighted in the Ignored Paths button

Alternatively, a CSV of paths to ignore can be uploaded using the Import CSV button. Refer to the article on CSV upload format for more information about formatting files for upload into DubBot.

More complicated exclusions can be created using regular expressions. Learn more about how to Exclude webpages from your site inventory using regular expressions.

More on the Site Settings panel

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