Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

How to enable MFA to increase login security on your account.

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MFA must be enabled on your account by DubBot support. Feel free to reach out to our support team to enable this feature.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), aka Two-factor Authentication (2FA), uses an additional factor beyond the basic authentication credentials to help secure an account. That additional factor could be a code sent to the user's smartphone, a PIN, biometrics like a fingerprint, or even answers to personal questions.

When MFA is enabled for an account, users have the option to configure their MFA setup under their Profile settings.

Note: MFA is only available to clients that do not use Single Sign-on (SSO).

Enable MFA for your account

  1. Select your avatar in the upper-right corner of DubBot. Your avatar is your initials until you choose an image. Select Profile from the dropdown menu.

    For users utilizing a screen reader, this will be the User Menu option.

  2. Select Multi-Factor Authentication in the Profile panel.

  3. Scan the code shown with your MFA device (ex., phone) and provide the current MFA code in the MFA Code 1 field to ensure we're synced properly. Common MFA apps used for this purpose are 1Password, Google Authenticator, or any MFA app. You may want to check with the IT office at your organization in case they have a preferred app for you to use.

  4. Select the Enable MFA button.

Screenshot of the Multi-factor Authentication set-up page with blue circles and white numbers marking the location of each step that must be performed to enable Multi-Factor Authentication.

When all has proceeded successfully, you will be notified that MFA is enabled. This box will contain codes that can be used in the event you lose your MFA device. Store these somewhere safe. Select the OK button to proceed.

Confirmation screen with a green box indicating that the Multi-Factor Authentication has been set-up correctly

Disable MFA for your account

  • Select your avatar in the upper-right corner of DubBot.

  • Select Profile from the dropdown, then Multi-Factor Authentication in the Profile panel.

  • Select the Disable MFA button.

The Multi-Factor Authentication screen with a green box indication that the MFA is enabled with a large blue button labeled "Disable MFA" in white text.

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