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Create a user and set the user's account role
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An Admin role is required to create or edit User access and permissions in DubBot. If you do not see Users as non-dimmed in the left navigation when viewing the Settings panel from the top navigation, you do not have an Admin role.

The following are steps that should be taken when creating a new user. Each step is outlined below.

Create a New User in your Account

Select Settings in the top navigation.

Under General Settings in the left navigation, select Users.

Choose Settings from the DubBot (Secondary) Navigation in the header. Then select Users option below Account Settings.

To create a user, select the Create User button.

Create User button is below the Manage Users heading in the panel.

The Invite User panel will display.

Enter the User Name—the User Name displays in DubBot communication tools and track history. The User Name is generally first and last name.

Enter the user's Email. DubBot uses this email to send an email invitation upon user creation. DubBot also sends crawl reports and task notifications via this email address.

Choose a Role from the Role dropdown options

Note that the selected Role will be the user's Role for every Site and Page Set in the account. If you would like to provision the User access to only specific Sites, select Determined at Site/Page Set Level.

Refer to the Roles overview article to learn about the different abilities that correspond with the roles.

Role options in DubBot include four options: Determined at Site/Group Level, Viewer, Manager, and Admin

Assign the User to a specific Site or Page Set

Decide what Sites or Page Sets you would like the user to belong to. If the user has the "Determined at Site/Page Set Level" Role, the user will need to be added to a Site or Page et(s) to have access to specific Site and Page Set reports.

Page Sets allow administrators to provision user(s) access and permissions for multiple Sites and to have an overarching Dashboard for the set of pages in the Page Set.

Note: Direct Page Set and Site assignment can be used to upgrade a user(s) permissions for a specific Site or Page Set over their designated account permission level.

To access the panel for upgrading a user's permissions for selected Site(s) or Page Set(s) of Sites, select the Show additional Page Set and Sites options button.

Show additional Groups and Sites options will reveal the Group and Site chooser options. It will also show a notice telling the administrator that the user will still have access to every site and should only be used to provision additional permissions.

Site Assignment

To add the user to specific Sites, select the Select sites button in the Site Membership section.

Selecting Determined at Site/Group Level will result in Group and Site Membership options displaying in the new User interface. Site Membership options are below the Group Membership options.

A drawer will appear from the right side of the screen that allows you to select the desired Sites. A checkmark will appear next to the Sites that are selected.

The Select button is at the top of the Sites panel. The Select button finalizes the selection of Sites for a user.

Be sure to select the Select button at the top of the drawer to save the Sites selections.

Choose the Role the User will have for each Site.

Within the Site Membership panel, below the Select sites button, a role dropdown chooser will be available for each Site that a User is assigned.

Page Set Assignment

To add the user to a Page Set, select the Select Page Set button in the Page Set Membership section.

Select Groups button option is below the Group Membership heading.

A drawer will appear from the right side of the screen that allows you to select the desired Page Sets. A checkmark will appear next to the Page Sets that are selected.

Be sure to select the Save button at the top of the drawer to save the Page Sets selections.

Save option is at the top of the selected Groups panel.

Issues Filter

This field allows you to filter issues this user sees to only ones within their responsibility. Refer to the Issues Filter article for more details.

Save the new user

Finally, select the Create button. Doing so will automatically trigger an email to invite the user to sign up for an account.

Create option is below all user configuration options. Selecting Create is necessary to create the new user.

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