An Admin role is required to create or edit User access and permissions in DubBot. If you do not see "Settings" in the top navigation of DubBot, you do not have an Admin role.

Select "Settings" in the top navigation.

Under General Settings in the left navigation, select "Users."

To create a user, select the "Create User" button. The create user panel will display.

Enter the User Name—the User Name displays in DubBot communication tools and track history. The User Name is generally first and last name.

Enter the user's email. DubBot uses this email to send an email invitation upon user creation. DubBot also sends crawl reports and task notifications via this email address.

Choose a Role from the Role dropdown options. Note that the selected Role will be the user's Role for every Site in the account. If you would like to provision the User access to only specific Sites, select "Determined at Site Level."

See the Groups overview article to learn how to provision the user additional Roles for particular site access.

See the Roles overview article to learn about the different abilities that correspond with the roles.

Next, decide what Groups you would like the user to belong. If the user has the "Determined at Site Level" Role, the user will need to be added to a Group to have access to specific Site reports. Groups also allow administrators to add more abilities for a user for a particular Site.

To add the user to the group, select the "Select groups" button.

A drawer will appear from the right side of the screen that allows you to select the desired Groups. A checkmark will appear next to the Groups that are selected.

Be sure to select the "Save" button at the top of the drawer to save the Groups selections.

Finally, select the "Create" button. Doing so will automatically trigger an email to invite the user to sign up for an account.

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