Custom Policies Overview

Create additional flags for added accessibility, web governance, and SEO review

Updated over a week ago

Custom Policies allow users to create additional flags for content within DubBot.

Policies will return a list of pages that either match or do not match a single rule or a set of custom rules.

These checks allow for flagging something as simple as a piece of text, like Accessibility Policy, being omitted from a page. But Policies can also be as complicated as a set of programmed rules not matching a page.

The easiest way to add a policy in DubBot is to add one of our pre-written polices from the Policy Library. The Policy Library allows for simple point and click implementation of more specific checks for your account. This library is populated with the most often requested policies of our customers.

For even more customization, users with administrator privileges can create Custom Policies. These custom policies may involve some level of technical expertise, depending on the complexity of the policy required.

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