Deep linking with Cascade CMS

Deep linking in from DubBot to Cascade CMS

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DubBot offers deep linking to Cascade CMS. These deep links create links inside of DubBot reports to your page assets in Cascade CMS. 

To enable this, the ID of your page asset needs to be included in the published page source.

You can include page IDs in your templates with a simple region and Velocity format. The following information contains links to the Hannon Hill Knowledge Base for Cascade CMS:

  1. Create a new region within the <head> tags of your template(s). Example:<system-region name="ID"/>

  2. Create a Velocity format containing the following and attach it to the region in your template:<meta name="id" content="${}"/>

  3. Publish all pages that use the template(s) to ensure that your page ID <meta> tag gets included the pages on your web server.

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