Managing Page Sets
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Now that your Page Set is created, how to you manage it?

Access a Page Set's Dashboard

You have two options:

  • You will see the Dashboards listing of all Sites and Page Sets in the account when you log in to DubBot. Simply select the Name of the Page Set you want to access. Users without appropriate access will see these in a view-only state.

  • Select Dashboards from the top navigation to return to this screen at any time.

Access a Page Set's settings

Select Settings from the top navigation menu, then Page Sets from the Left Navigation. If the Page Sets link is dimmed for you, you do not have access to the settings.

The Page Set Panel displays a table giving you the following information on current Page Sets:

  • Page Set Name - selecting this takes you to the Settings Panel for that Page Set

  • Sites included in the Page Set

  • Type of Page Set

  • Users with permission to the Page Set

Page Set Dashboard Layout

Dashboards for Page Sets are almost identical to Dashboards for Sites. The only exceptions are in the Sites Panel in the bottom right of the Dashboard:

  • After the Site's name, you see how many pages matched and were pulled into the Page Set.

  • There is no site score given to the subset of pages pulled into a Page Set per Site; you will see n/a.

Site dashboard with a red box highlighting Page and Score information for two different site.

Managing Users

To add or remove users, follow the steps outlined in the Add a User section of Creating a Page Set. Simply deselect the users you no longer want to have access.

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