Connecting Google Analytics 4

Bring new insights into your DubBot SEO dashboard with the GA4 connector.

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Google Analytics 4 is now available as a connector in DubBot! It takes under a minute to set up, and offers in-depth reporting on multiple analytics right in your DubBot Site dashboard.

Google Analytics 4 is a free tool that offers reporting that shows how visitors use your website. DubBot users can connect a Site to their GA4 property to get that reporting displayed inside DubBot's SEO panel. This connector will help smooth out workflows and make the data more meaningful by compiling and organizing it with DubBot's baked-in SEO feature.

SEO panel in DubBot showing the new GA4 snapshot with a Weekly Views count.

Setting up the connector is simple and intuitive. Begin from the Settings page in DubBot, and select "Connectors" from the left menu. Then select "Create new connector".

Under Account Settings on the left menu, select Connectors. Select button to Create New Connector.

On the "Create new Connector" panel, name your connector and choose "Google Analytics" in the drop down menu for "Type". Then, you will click the link to "Authorize Google Analytics".

In the Create New Connector screen, the Authorize Google Analytics link is below the form and above the Site Selector button.

You will be redirected to Google to select the Google Account you will be using.

A view of the page users will be redirected to, prompting sign in to Google.

You'll be brought back to the "Create new connector" panel in DubBot. Select the property you wish to connect from the "GA4 Property" drop down.

Back in the Create New Connector screen, a new drop down is available in the form for GA4 Property.

Next, You will select the Site or Sites in DubBot that you want to connect to your selected GA4 property.

Click Select Sites button, then click Create button at the bottom of the screen.

Click "Create", and you're all done!

Navigate to your connected Site dashboard and notice the new button in your SEO panel that states the view count for your site.

You will now have a Weekly Views count in the SEO panel on your site Dashboard in the top right corner.

Click through to see a detailed view of your new GA4 connector!

The detailed view of the GA4 connector shows a list of URLs with metrics inlcuding Views, Sessions, Users, Engagement Rate, and Average Engagement Duration.

Additionally, while in your Page Preview, your GA4 Analytics are now displayed in the SEO tab.

Inside a page view in DubBot, the GA4 connector data is found in the left menu under SEO and Analytics.

As always, we are here to support you. If you have any questions or would like assistance setting up a new connector, please reach out to DubBot Support at or by clicking the blue chat box in the lower right corner.

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