Deep linking with WordPress
Deep linking in from DubBot to WordPress
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DubBot offers deep linking to WordPress. These deep links will display as an added View In CMS button in DubBot as you navigate your pages flagged with issues. The View In CMS button will take you directly to your page in WordPress.

In order to enable this feature, you will need to do the following two steps:

1) Add the link to the WordPress account to your DubBot account under the Account Settings > Connectors tab

This is the URL that you'd use to make edits to your content in WordPress. Once you are in your WordPress account, if you navigate to a Page or Post for editing, you can find the URL to the editing environment by looking at the address in your browser window. It should look something like the following:

2) Find a consistent tag in your webpages’ source code to determine the unique identifier for the location of the page in your WordPress account and provide that to the Connector setup in DubBot.

In our above example 1234 is the unique identifier. 

A common method for providing the ID in the source code is using meta tags like the following:

<meta name="pageID" content="42"/> 

If something like this does not currently exist in your source code, it may be something you will need to have your Website administrators add to your WordPress templates. 

As with any setup, the DubBot support team is available to help you through these steps. Just simply chat us and we will get someone to guide you through the process.

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