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Setting Up DubBot (for Administrators)
Support and Training to Get You Started
Support and Training to Get You Started

New to DubBot or considering a subscription? Here's what you can expect when getting started with us.

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Getting started with any new software system can be a daunting undertaking. The DubBot team is here to help make this process as smooth as possible and to ensure that you get off on the right foot.

Kickoff call with a Support Engineer

A DubBot Support Engineer will meet with your administrative team to help tailor DubBot to your needs.

In this initial call, we like to gather information about your team and website(s) organization.

In our experience, no two organizations are the same. DubBot is here to support you in the manner that best fits your structure and needs. We're here to fully configure DubBot for you or if you prefer, to teach you how to do the initial setup on your own.

We generally want to understand the following:

  • The different web properties that need testing

  • Are you moving from a similar system that you would like the settings copied over from?

  • Needed filters for various web properties to enable custom reporting and permissions

  • Any special searches, known as Policies in DubBot, that should be enabled or custom-built based on your web governance requirements

  • Additional Accessibility flags that should be enabled for prioritizing the review of potential accessibility issues. These are the checks that you would want a user to be dedicating time to manually reviewing.

  • Number of users and their permissions that need to be added to DubBot

  • Custom dictionary additions

  • Connectors that can be created including Deeplinks to CMS-managed content and GA4

  • Uptime monitoring contacts

More detailed information on the Kickoff Call can be found in our Kick off Calls - What to Expect article.

Administrator (Admin) training

Once the DubBot account is configured with the appropriate web properties, a Support Engineer can walk admins through the Settings interface of DubBot. This is intended to enable Admins who want to get hands-on with managing any configuration changes in DubBot.

The Admin training can also be used to walk through DubBot reporting for additional core teammates who did not get a lot of exposure to DubBot before the subscription was purchased.

A Support Engineer can talk through the different reports that are provided and highlight issues that are considered priority or low-hanging fruit to get started with DubBot. We can even provide some guidance on Accessibility flags and recommended approaches for fixes.

An agenda outline and more can be viewed in our Walkthroughs and Training Calls - What to Expect article.

Add users with limited permissions

Once account admins have had enough time to review the DubBot configuration, DubBot Support Engineers can assist with the addition of users to their various reporting sections of DubBot.

A Support Engineer can upload users utilizing backend DubBot tools. Or if the organization prefers to take this on itself, a Support Engineer can simply walk account admins through the interface as a refresher with sample users to ensure that an account admin feels confident in accomplishing this process on their own.

Training resources for end-users

DubBot typically will offer an end-user walk-through that can be recorded and reused within the organization. This will be scheduled through the DubBot Support Engineer.

DubBot also has self-paced, pre-recorded training walkthroughs that can be utilized by anyone with a DubBot subscription: Introduction to DubBot training

Useful additional resources

DubBot has a Help Center and video training modules that we recommend ensuring all users know they have access to. The Help Center is linked from within DubBot and has sections dedicated to the following topics:

If you have questions, please reach out to our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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