Uptime Monitoring

Learn how to add uptime monitoring, manage it, and view Uptime reports

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DubBot allows for Uptime Monitoring of websites, but must be enabled by DubBot. Five URLs are included per account. If you need more, contact us for details.

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How it Works

  • Uptime Monitoring checks a website's HTTP status every 5 minutes.

  • If the status changes, the numbers/emails you have sent will get notified.

  • Notifications can be sent in the form of SMS and/or email. The phone number for the SMS messages will come from 404-495-5995.

Add Uptime Monitoring to Your Account

To add Uptime Monitoring to your Account, send the following information to us using the chat bubble in the lower right corner of the screen when you're logged into the app or email help@dubbot.com :

  • The URL(s) you want to have monitored. Can be up to 5.

  • For each URL, we need to know the email notification addresses to which an alert should go. Multiple people are allowed per URL.

  • For each URL, SMS notification numbers. Unfortunately, we can not send alerts via text message to the UK. We can still send them via email, and they will be present natively in DubBot.

Managing Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring is found in the Settings area after Reports:

Manage Uptime Monitoring Panel with Settings button in Secondary Nav highlighted as number 1 and Uptime Monitoring button in the Left Nav highlighted as number 2.

You will see the sites that are being monitored, the URLs being checked, when the status was last checked, the status at the time of the check, and actions you can run - either to Pause or Resume monitoring.

Uptime Monitoring Report

Selecting the Name of each site being monitored will take you to an Uptime Monitoring report for that site with the following information:

  • Last Check Result

  • Site Uptime Within the Last 24 hours

  • Site Uptime Within the Last 7 days

  • Site Uptime Within the Last 30 days

  • Table of Uptime Checks Within the Last 30 Days

Uptime monitoring page with 3 green circles in a vertical row. Each green circle is a monitoring score for different periods of time - 24 hours, 7 days and 30 days.


What is the DubBot Uptime testing IP?

The static IP for the Uptime Monitoring is

What is an HTTP status 200?

This means that your website is available to website visitors and is responding as expected.

What are HTTP status codes that indicate an issue with my website?

Typically, 404 and 500 status codes indicate an issue with your website being able to be accessed by website visitors.

What should I do if I get an issue status code?

Many times the server will experience a change in status during maintenance windows. If you are in a known maintenance window, you should be alerted to the change back to 200 once your website is back to being available. If you are not a server administrator, reaching out to a website administrator is your first step.

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