Abilities for Each Role

Permissions given to Viewer, Manager, and Administrator Roles

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Four different roles can be assigned to a user in DubBot. Below are details on what each role permits in the app.

Determined at Site Level Role

  • DubBot Login enabled

Selecting this Role for a user but not assigning them any Sites or Page Sets will only allow the user to Log in to DubBot.

Users must be given additional permissions per Site or Page Set level to view any further content. Refer to the User Setup article if you need guidance on how this is done.

Viewer Role Permissions

  • Page Level Items -

    • Issues and Information enabled for Site or Page Set: Accessibility, Best Practices, Broken Links (including Links ignored at the Page Level), Spelling, Web Governance, SEO, Readability, Network (including Viewport Size), Open Tasks, Share

    • Refresh Content and Analyze Content

  • Tasks

    • Participate, Resolve, Reopen

  • Site or Page Set Level

    • View Reports

    • View Crawl Logs for Sites

    • View Policy and Flagged Word Results

    • Export data via CSV

    • View Sites and Page Sets to which they have access

  • User Settings

    • Modify their own email notification preferences

    • Change their password (if not using SSO)

    • View their role and names of Sites and Page Sets to which they have access

  • Access DubBot support

Manager Role Permissions

All Viewer abilities plus the following:

  • Page Level

    • Ignore Misspellings on Page or Site where the user is a Manager

  • Site or Page Set

    • Select which Policies should be active on sites where the user is a Manager

    • Ignore Accessibility Rules for all users across all sites where the user is a Manager

    • Ignore Spelling Errors for a Site or Page Set where the user is a Manager or Add to Site Dictionary

    • Access and Edit Site Settings

    • Generate Snapshot

  • Tasks

    • Create a Task

Administrator Role Permissions

All Viewer and Manager abilities plus the following:

  • Account Level

    • Create Custom Policies

    • Create Custom Reports

    • Add Flagged Words to Account

    • Ignore Accessibility Rules for all users across all Sites

    • Ignore Spelling Errors across all Sites, add to Account dictionary and bulk add words to Account dictionary

  • Site or Page Set

    • Add new Sites

    • Copy Sites

    • Create and modify Page Sets

    • Perform manual crawls

  • Users

    • Create Users

    • Assign and modify roles

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If you have questions, please contact our DubBot Support team via email at help@dubbot.com or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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