Determined at Site Level

  • Login

Note: this role allows users to only login to the DubBot account. Users with this role will not see any Sites until they are provisioned with additional abilities via Groups. See Groups overview for more information.


  • View existing Groups

  • View Flagged Words

  • View ignored links

  • Take part in Tasks

  • Resolve and reopen Tasks

  • Modify his/her own preferences

  • Export data via CSV

  • View Custom Checks

  • Access DubBot support

Manager - all Viewer abilities plus the following:

  • Add words to dictionary

  • Select which Custom Checks should be active on sites where the user is a manager.

Administrator - all Viewer and Manager abilities plus the following:

  • Add new sites

  • Create Users

  • Assign and modify roles

  • Create and modify Groups

  • Perform manual crawls

  • Add Flagged Words

  • Create Custom Checks

  • Bulk add words to Spell Check dictionary

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