Site and Account Settings

How to find the Site and Account Settings, which are role dependent.

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The Settings button in the header of DubBot is a gateway to both Site and Account level information.

Header area of DubBot app with the Settings link in the Secondary Navigation  highlighted.

Your role determines what can be seen and done on this panel:

Viewer Role

The Viewer role will see a listing of sites with links to the respective dashboards. A Site Dashboard can be accessed via either selecting the Site Name in the Name column or the Dashboard link in the Actions column. The only item accessible in the left navigation for the Viewer role in the Settings panel is this Sites listing .

The Manage Sites panel for a user with Viewer role. Name and Actions columns are highlighted. The links in these columns take viewers to the site Dashboard.

Learn more about Site or Page Set Dashboards

Manager Role

The Manager role has an additional link for Site Settings in the Actions column. The only item accessible in the left navigation of the Settings panel is the Sites listing. The Site Name link and the Settings link in the Actions column will take the Manager to the Site Settings panel for that site.

One row in the Manage Sites panel with  Site name highlighted and two links for Dashboard and Setting in the Actions column highlighted.

Administrator Role

Administrators have access to all options on the Settings Panel, both Account and Site Settings.

Site Administrators have their own collection of help articles: Setting Up DubBot for Administrators

If you have questions, please reach out to our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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