Site or Page Set Dashboard

Learning to read the birds-eye view of how your inventory scored and how to dive deeper.

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Depending on the configuration of your DubBot account, you will have access to one or more Dashboards from the Account Dashboard.

Site or Page Set Overview Panel

The Site Overview panel provides quick insight into the analysis of your site(s).

Navigate to the complete Page Inventory

In the Site Overview panel, the X Pages text (showing how many pages were analyzed for the site) below the Overall Site Score percentage is a link to see the full list of pages and/or PDFs inventoried for the site.

The Site Overview presenting the user with the Overall Site Score of 91% and the squiggly arrow that is a link to the Trends information. A red box highlights the number of pages scanned that produced this score.

Trends Information

The Site Overview panel and each of the specific Issue Panels have a Trends link, shown by the chart icon to the right of the numerical score in each panel.

Trends show the changes to scores over time, to allow you to check and share progress being made on your Sites and Page Sets. Select the chart icon to view the trends for the issue and download customizable CSVs.

Site Overview dashboard with scores for accessibility, broken links, web governance, best practices, spell check and SEO.

A breakdown of the scores that combine into the Overall Site Score is provided in the six major issue categories.

The 'X' issues found' text link goes to a page that groups all items in that category by the issue (or broken link) that was found.

The 'X' pages' text link goes to the page inventory filtered to only pages with that type of issue.

Portion of Dashboard highlighting the View X issues text link to see  items Grouped by Issue and the View X Page Inventory text link to see  an Issue Page Inventory.

Color coding for Scores

The color coding for the scores is as follows: Green (100-85), Yellow (84-65), and Red (64-0).

Quick Wins panel

The Quick Wins panel allows users to quickly get insight into what issues were found within the Site(s) and a list of pages with a specific issue. Review the Quick Wins article for more information about Quick Wins.

Quick Wins panel with the dropdown box that allows users to choose which issues to concentrate on.

Reports panel

The Reports Panel gives you easy access to any custom reports to which you have access for that site.

Downloadable CSV of Reports

The standard issue type reports available to you are located at the bottom of the Reports Panel, beneath the listing of any custom reports you may have for the site. There is no configuration needed to download these reports. Names for CSV downloads will be unique to the day and type of the download.

Issue Summary Report

The Issue Summary Report provides a list of all of the issues that were found within that category of the issue type. The Issue will be noted with the number of pages affected within the Site(s).

Full List Report

The Full List Report provides a list of all of the issues that were found within that category of the issue type. The Full List Report will provide the full list of pages affected within the Site. For each page included, the live URL, title, and URL within DubBot will be provided.

Screenshot of the available reports with a red box highlighting the reports in CVS format that are available for download. Those reports would be for accessibility, bad links, web governance, spelling, and SEO issues.

Recent Activity panel

The Recent Activity panel gives you a quick overview of some of the most recent activity on your site.

The Recent Activity panel showing who ignored a link for the account.

Filtering what appears in Recent Activity

By selecting the Filter button, you can customize what appears in this panel. You simply select the box beside what you want to see in this panel. The options are Issues, Tasks, Crawls, Mentions, Comments and Uptime.

Choices available to the user when customizing the Recent Activity panel. Those choices include Issues, Tasks, Crawls, Mentions, Comments, Uptime.

Sites panel

Page Set Dashboards have an additional panel that lists the Sites that are a part of the Page Set and are therefore factored into the Scores and Issue lists.

The Sites panel will detail the Sites and number of pages from the Site that are taken into account for scoring and issue reporting. The Site Name links to the Dashboard for that specific site.

Page Set Dashboard with the Sites Panel highlighted

If you have questions, please reach out to our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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