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Learn what the top navigation in the app can help you do.

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The top menu area of the DubBot interface consists of the Primary Navigation to the Left and the Secondary Navigation to the Right.

Top of the DubBot App showing the Primary and Secondary Navigation

The DubBot icon will take you to the Dashboard of the Site or Page Set chosen with the Select a Site or Page Set button. If nothing is selected, you will be prompted to choose one when selecting Dubby.

The Select a Site or Page Set left drawer that is opened when selecting the Select a Site or Page Set button in the Primary navigation.

As mentioned above, the Select a Site or Page Set button will open a drawer to the left to let you choose the Site or Page Set you want to review. Once selected, the appropriate Site or Page Set Dashboard will appear.

The Dashboards link will take you to the Account Dashboard.

The Tasks link will take you to the Tasks Panel to view all of the Tasks you can access.

The Settings link will take you to the Site and Account Settings Panel. What you see on this panel depends upon your role in the system.

The bell icon will open a drawer to the right of the app to show the most recent Notifications for the content you can access. Notifications can be filtered by the following topic areas:

  • Issues - show issues that were ignored or unignored in the content you can access

  • Tasks - shows when a task was assigned to you or resolved

  • Crawls - show when a site crawl finishes and if there was an issue with the crawl (Crawl Warning)

  • Mentions - @ mentions in a task

  • Comments - comments on tasks

  • Uptime - if this is enabled on your account, you will see when an uptime status check has been created and/or the status changes

  • Previously Viewed - if you want notifications to still show, even after you have seen them, check this box.

The last item in the top menu area, shown by either your initials or an image (if you upload one), is the User Menu. Here you can find a Profile link to Update Your User Preferences, a link to the Help Center, and a link to Log out of DubBot.

Part of the DubBot Secondary Navigation with the User Menu expanded to show the Profile, Help Center and Log out links.

If you have questions, please reach out to our DubBot Support team via email at help@dubbot.com or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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