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What to Expect from DubBot
What to Expect from DubBot

Top-level view of the resources DubBot gives users with the Viewer role.

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Our goal is pretty simple, we want to help guide you on how you can improve your website to create a great user experience for all of your website visitors.

Site and Page Set scoring to know how your website measures up

DubBot will provide you with a Site or Page Set Score so that you can gauge how your website is measuring up. The Site Score is a combination of Website Accessibility, Broken Links, Web Governance, Spell Check, and SEO scoring. DubBot allows you to dig into each of these categories to see potential issues and their impact across your website or Page Set.

Issue details so you can decide where you want to invest your resources for improvements

Issue details, also available from links on the Site or Page Set Dashboard, will allow you to sort and filter issues to see issues by type. Accessibility issues let you filter by WCAG compliance levels A, AA, and AAA. In addition, accessibility and best practice issue impacts are color-coded to help portray the severity of their impact.

Collaboration tools to enable you to more easily decide appropriate courses of action

Collaborate on fixes for issues using built-in tasks. Easily see the highlighting of the affected content on webpages for more context.

In-app and exportable reports to show your progress over time

In-app and exportable reports are available from your sites' Dashboards and page inventories. Easily download trends and scores, issues lists by type or status, and page lists with corresponding issues.

Ready to jump in? Explore our Beginner's Guide for using DubBot.

If you have questions, please reach out to our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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