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Reports Available in DubBot
Reports Available in DubBot

An overview of locations for downloading reports and brief descriptions

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DubBot provides many reporting options once your site has been inventoried. All downloadable information is shared in a Common Separated Value (CSV) format to open in your favorite software. Names for CSV downloads will be unique to the day and type of the download.

In this article, CSV Reports are available for download...

HTML or Custom Reports can be easily shared with anyone.

Page Inventory

A list of the pages included in a Site or Page Set can be downloaded, along with the number of flagged issues for each issue type.

Reports Panel on the Dashboard

Account administrators can create Custom Reports to fit their needs. A listing of custom reports created and applicable to a Site is at the top of the Reports Panel above the standard Downloadable Reports.

The Pages Summary Report lists all pages inventoried in the Site or Page Set. The report includes the following data: page ID, URL, title, description, DubBot URL, and view in (CMS) link if configured for your site.

For each of the six issue types listed, there are two report links given:

The Summary Reports lists all the issues found within that type. The Issue will be noted with the number of pages affected within the Site(s).

The Full List Reports list all pages flagged for that type of issue. For each page, the live URL, title, URL within DubBot, and matched content (where applicable) is provided.

There is no configuration needed to download these reports. These reports cannot be customized.

Focus on Reports Panel from Site Dashboard highlighting the Downloadable Reports (CSV) section

Reports Grouped by Issue

Selecting the # issues found link in an Issue Panel will take you to a list of the issues found within a Site or Page Set. On these Issue Detail Panels, you can filter to a specific issue.

List Every Page with an Issue Type

Selecting the # pages link in an issue panel will take you to a list of pages where the issue was found in the Site or Page Set. From the Page Detail Panel, you can filter to a particular issue in the category for your report.

Trend Reports

The Site Overview panel and each of the specific Issue Panels have a Trends link, shown by the chart icon to the right of the numerical score in each panel.

Trends show the changes to scores over time, allowing you to check and share progress made on your Sites and Page Sets. Select the chart icon to view the trends for the issue and download a CSV file.

Policy Results

Reporting the results of policies on a site is a frequent request from our clients so they can monitor progress and share with others.

Please review our Find the Results of a Policy article for all the details.

Quick Wins Panel --

The Quick Wins Panel on a dashboard provides a quick way to drill down into issue reporting and download CSVs directly from the Dashboard.

  • Select the Pages with Issues dropdown (Select a filter for pages button for screen readers) and select the issue type you want to filter.

  • For most issue types, another button will appear to allow for more granular filtering of a specific issue.

  • A tray will open from the right side of the app, showing a list of the relevant issues found during the latest crawl and analysis. Select the radio button beside the particular item you want in your report.

If you have questions, please contact our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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