Introducing Page Sets

April 26, 2023: What has changed - and what has stayed the same - with the release of Page Sets.

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Welcome to Page Sets! After listening to client feedback and lots of hard work by our engineering team, the new way of organizing pages inside DubBot is here. Keep reading to find an outline of what the new interface will look like, and a highlight of key features.

Interface Changes

The first noticeable difference will be immediately upon login. The first pages users encounter will now be a list of the user's available Dashboard links and corresponding scores.

Screen capture of the new dashboards page that users encounter upon logging into DubBot that shows dashboard name, page count, overall score, and issue counts for accessibility, best practices, broken links, misspellings, SEO, and Web Governance

Users will also note that the top navigation has changed to replace Sites with Dashboards.
Some users will not have access to entire sites with this update, so Dashboards is a more relevant name for this button.

Screen capture of the new dashboards page with Dashboards and Settings highlighted in red in the top navigation.

Also in the top navigation, Settings will now appear to all users as a clickable button. A view-only version of the Sites within the DubBot account will be visible to all users on this panel.

Depending on account permissions for each user, the options in the left navigation of the Settings panel will either be available to interact with, or will be dimmed and disabled. Admins of the DubBot account will have access to all options on the left navigation.

Screen capture of the settings page in DubBot with the left navigation highlighted in red. Left menu shows Account Settings with grayed-out/disabled options including User, Page Sets, Connectors, Reports, and Uptime Monitoring. Below are Account Checks Settings with greyed-out/disabled options of Accessibility, Best Practices, Spelling, Flagged Words, Links, Policies, and SEO. One site is listed in the main page section, with Name, URL, Enabled,, Last Crawl date, Next Crawl date, Page count, Crawl Status, and Actions.

Functionality Changes

Although all functionality from Groups will still be available, Page Sets will offer some advancements. Page Sets will allow users to filter Sites to various URL specifications.

Users can filter a Site(s) to pages that contain an exact value in the URL. An example would be using the value /blog/ : it would return all pages at, but no pages at

Users can now filter a Site or Sites that contain a defined value in the URL. The example in the next image would include all URLs that include 'accessibility', such as /categories/accessibility/or myorg/accessibilitystandards/.

Screen capture of general settings tab in creating a page set. the page set is being given the name URLs with Accessibility and Use Custom Rules is selected for Page Matching Behavior. The rules are set to MATCH ALL of the following rules: path contains the value accessibility.

Users can also choose to filter by URLs that start with a defined value. The example in the next image would include all URLs that start with the value '/dubblog/', immediately following the root URL. This would match but would exclude

Screen capture of the general settings tab under creating a page set. The page set is being given the name Blogs. Use custom rules is selected for Page Matching Behavior. the rules are set to MATCH ALL of the following rules: Path starts with the value /dubblog/

Page Sets allow users to more effectively organize content for permissions access purposes. It also simplifies the Site setup process for existing users, who can now create a Page Set from an existing site to give access to specific pages rather than having to create a new Site and set up all of the corresponding ignore patterns to get the same result.

Why Page Sets?

These changes are part of our ongoing mission to make DubBot as user-friendly as possible. We felt that Groups was not the best way to showcase all of the functionality that is available in that feature. Page Sets is more intuitive, and adds more customization for teams using DubBot.

Rest assured! All of the functionality of Groups will be carried over to Page Sets. Additionally, any existing Groups will seamlessly transition to the corresponding Page Set.

What's Next?

More functionality with rule options is planned for future updates to Page Sets. We look forward to enhancing customization and ease of use with these coming additions!

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