Page List for a Site

Find, inspect and filter your page inventory by issue type and specific issue.

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Access the page inventory - the complete list of pages and/or PDFs found in the most recent crawl, from the Site or Page Set Dashboard.

Open Your Account Dashboard

When you log in to DubBot you are taken to your Account Dashboard. This screen can be reached at any time by selecting the Dashboards button

Header of the DubBot app with the Dashboards button in the Secondary Nav highlighted

Select the Site or Page Set Name to Access its Dashboard

Account Dashboard  highlighting the Name column that is selected to get to a site or page set dashboard

Select the Number of Pages to View the Page List

In the Site or Page Set Overview Panel in the Site or Page Set Dashboard, select either the Number of Pages or PDFs to find the list of each type of items found in the most recent crawl.

Site Overview Panel from a Site Dashboard with the Pages and PDFs link highlighted

Open a Page

From your page list, click on the page name in the URL column to open the page and view issues that were found.

Part of a filtered page list with a Page name and URL  highlighted.

Sort the Page List

The page list displays the page title, page URL, and the number of issues found for each of the Issue types evaluated. The number of open tasks on each of the respective pages is also displayed.

The page inventory table  lists all pages and the number of issues in each issue category

The table allows users to sort the page list display by the number of open issues in a specific issue type or open task count by clicking the corresponding column header.

Filter the Page List

The page inventory can be filtered by issue type by selecting the All Pages dropdown to select an Issue Type.

The following options are available for filtering the page list:

  • Pages with Issues

  • Pages with Accessibility Issues

  • Pages with Best Practices Issues

  • Pages with Broken Links

  • Pages with SEO Issues

  • Pages with Misspellings

  • Pages with Web Governance Issues

  • Pages with Open Tasks

  • Pages with Readability Scores

After you select a page issue filter, you may further filter to those pages that contain a specific issue within that subset using the drawer that will expand.

screenshot that highlights the area of the page that allows users to further filter for specific errors. A red box on the right side of the page highlights the area titled "Filter by Accessibility Issue" with two issues listed below the title.

Filtered results are downloadable as a CSV. To download the CSV, click the "Download CSV" option shown below as the cloud with a down arrow. Names for CSV downloads will be unique to the day and type of the download.

Part of a filtered page list with the Download CSV button highlighted.

Search the Page List

If you are looking for a particular page on your Site or in a Page Set, you can search the list using the Search button, represented by the magnifying glass icon . This search covers both the page name and URL shown in the list.

Part of a filtered page list with the Search button highlighted.

If you have questions, please reach out to our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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