Access the page list from the dashboard or the Sites list.

From the Sites option in the top navigation in DubBot, click on the Site Name to see the list of pages inventoried.

The page list displays the page title, page URL, and the number of issues found for each of the test types evaluated over the Site. The number of open tasks on each of the respective pages is also displayed.

The table allows users to sort the page list display by the number of open issues in a specific issue type or open task count by clicking the corresponding column header.

Results can be filtered by issue type by clicking the "All Pages" dropdown to select an Issue Type.

The "All Pages" dropdown filter provides the user with a list of the types of issues available to further filter the page list.

Selecting an issue type filter allows further filtering of pages that contain a specific issue within the issue type.

The following is an example of being able to filter the list of pages that contain broken links to only show pages with a specific type of broken link, like broken links reported as a 404 error.

After selecting from the Filter by Issue Type menu, a new button to select from a type of broken link will be available. Clicking that button opens the menu for types of broken links that further filter results.

Filtered results are downloadable as a CSV. To download the CSV, click the "Download CSV" option highlighted below.

To Download the filtered results, select the Download CSV button found after the filter and search options.

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