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Use the Quick Wins panel off of the dashboard to quickly filter pages by issue and issue type

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On each site dashboard, the Quick Wins panel in the lower-left section allows users to browse pages by issue type.

In Site Dashboard view, the Quick Wins panel is highlighted in red.

The Quick Wins panel will first display the pages within a site that have the most issues. To filter the site pages, select the Pages with issues dropdown.

In Site Dashboard view, inside of the Quick Wins panel, the "Pages with Issues" category is highlighted in red.

The dropdown will expand to allow you to filter by issue type, including Accessibility Issues, Best Practice Issues, Broken Links, Misspellings, Web Governance Issues, Open Tasks, and SEO tests performed by DubBot.

List of issue types.

Filtering by issue type will then provide an option that will allow the user to drill down even further to a specific issue.

Note in the following screenshot that Pages with Misspellings was selected and a new Any Misspelling button displays.

Quick Wins panel, the "Any Misspelling" category is highlighted in red.

Selecting the Any Misspelling button will expand a right-hand drawer that will provide all words flagged as potential misspellings.

This ability and the following process are available for all issue types.

The number by each word or issue in the drawer is the count for that word or issue appearing within the site. The three vertical dots in the same row as the issue allow users to set the issue to be ignored on the account and site levels, assuming that the user has the proper role to do so.

List of misspelled words and word count next to each.

CSVs are generated and downloadable for the displayed results from the Quick Wins panel and the right-hand drawer. Names for CSV downloads will be unique to the day and type of the download.

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