Notification Emails

What they contain and who gets them

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Notification emails give users a convenient way to monitor the progress of updating web issues or DubBot Tasks without logging into DubBot.

Trend indicators give a quick reference to show the direction of change for both the overall score and individual types of checks. If you see a large negative number in a trend indicator, you should Visit the Site or Page Set with the provided button and have a look.

Task emails let you know when a task has been updated or you are @mentioned.

These emails also provide a convenient way to distribute any Custom Reports you have created for a Site or Page Set.

Notification Email Contents

For each Site or Page Set requested, the emails contain:

  • Overall Site or Page Set Score and Trend Indicator

  • Scores for the following Checks with Trend Indicators and a count of the types of Issues found:

    • Sites - Accessibility, Spelling, Broken Links, Web Governance, and SEO

    • Page Sets - Accessibility, Spelling, Broken Links, and SEO

  • Links to any Custom Reports configured for the Site or Page Set

Task emails contain:

  • Task name

  • Who created the Task

  • Button to Open Task in the App

  • Task Title and Comments

Email Recipients

In their User Profile, users can opt-in to receive emails when crawling finishes. Emails can be sent immediately, daily, or weekly as a digest of all Sites to which they have permission.

Page Sets can also be opted into on a weekly digest basis. The content can also be filtered to only specific Sites or Page Sets if the user chooses.

Task emails can be opted into when a Task you participated in is updated and when another user @mentions you.

Review the Update Your Notification Settings article for details on how this is done.

Sample Site Report

Site Email Sample showing Site name, Overall Score and Trend Indicators, button to Visit the Dashboard, Site Scores for Accessibility, Spelling, Broken Links, Web Governance, and SEO - together with trend indicator and number of issues. Any Custom Reports are shown with the most recent report date.

Daily & Weekly Site Digest Sample Report

Sample email indicating site overall score with individual scores for accessibility, spelling, broken links, web governance, SEO along with links to CVS reports for full report, content report, and accessibility report.

Page Set Weekly Digest Email Sample

Page Set Weekly Digest Email Sample with an overall page set score and scores for accessibility, spelling, broken links, and web governance.

Task Email Sample

Task email sample showing the Task name, who created it, a button to Open Task, Task Title and any comments made.

If you have questions, please contact our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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