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Working with Custom Reports
Working with Custom Reports

Create, Configure, View, Refresh, Share and Edit Custom Reports

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Creating reports is an easy way to view and share DubBot data. Reports provide DubBot users with a sharable link, which can be accessed by your colleagues, leadership, administrators, and decision-makers alike, all without requiring an account in DubBot.

Custom Report Contents

Custom Reports contain the following sections for each issue type selected for the report:

  • Overall Site Score

  • For each Issue type selected for the report:

    • Top Issues with corresponding page URLs

    • Pages with the most issues

  • Report Details

  • Report Versions - In the upper right corner of the report, you will see a rectangle with a date in the middle and directional arrows on either side. This allows you to scroll through all the reports generated for that site.

Create a Custom Report

  1. After logging in, select Settings in the upper right corner.

  2. In the left menu, under Account Settings, select Reports.

  3. To create a report, select Create Report to create a Custom Report

Account Settings Panel showing steps to create a Custom Report: 1. Select the SEttings Button 2. Select Reports in the Left Nav  3. Select the Create Report button.

Configure a Custom Report

The Create Report panel defaults to all system checks being included in the report. To customize your report, name it, select/unselect the checks you want to include or exclude.

  • Name - enter the name for the new Custom Report

  • Issues Filter - select from options:

    • See all issues (default)

    • See issues relevant to content editors -

  • Checks to include - select the type of check you want to include in your report - selecting from Accessibility, Broken Links, Misspellings, SEO, and Web Governance.

Create Custom Report screen shot showing the Name field, Issues Filter Dropdown and Checks to include options

  • Select the Sites and/or Page Sets you want to run the report on and select Save. If you don't select any Sites or Page Sets, the report will be generated for all sites and page sets in the account.

DubBot App screenshot of Site or Page Set Scope section of the Custom Report Panel

View, Refresh, and Share a Report

Custom Reports are added to all of the dashboards of the Sites or Page Sets that were selected in the report configuration. On a Site or Page Set dashboard, on the right side, you will see the Reports panel.

  • To run the report, select the three-dot kebab menu and select Refresh Report.

  • To open the report, either select Open Report in the kebab menu or select the date link located to the right of the report name.

  • Select Copy Link to copy the URL of the report you want to share. You can then paste it into an email, Slack conversation, Trello board, Word document, or wherever you like. You can also share a report by opening the report and then highlighting and co the URL directly from the address bar.

The sites dashboard in the lower right showing the Reports Panel. Inside the panel are the Custom Report titles as hyperlinks and the dates of the most recent report.

Edit a Custom Report

Administrators can edit a report by following these steps:

  • Select Settings in the top menu area

  • Select Reports from the left menu area

  • Select the Name of the report you want to edit

Account Settings Panel showing steps to create a Custom Report: 1. Select the SEttings Button 2. Select Reports in the Left Nav  3. Select the Name of the report you want to edit. .

Sample Custom Report

Sample report for all issues. Top section shows Overall Site Score and a listing of issues included in the report with scores. Next,Top Issues and Pages with the most issues are listed for each issue type.

If you have questions, please contact our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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