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Webpage Refreshing and Viewing Options
Webpage Refreshing and Viewing Options

Learn about the links at the top of a Detail Page View.

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When viewing the DubBot analysis of a particular page in a site, you will find an area above the page that provides options for refreshing the page and viewing the page in different formats.

Cropped version of Detail Page View highlighting page title, URL, last crawled date and buttons to change the page view and refresh content

Page Title, URL, and Last crawled information

The Detail Page View top area presents the currently detailed page's Page title, live page URL (which also provides a handy link), and the Last crawled date and time.

Crop of the  Detail Page View highlighting the currently detailed page's Page title, page URL, and the Last crawled date and time.

Refresh Content button

The Refresh Content button gives you a way to re-crawl or re-inventory the page you are viewing. This is particularly useful if you have made edits to the web page, republished it to your website, and want to check if you have resolved some issues that were reported.

Crop of the  Detail Page View showing the following buttons: refresh content, analyze, disable C S S, and  Change Page Preview Mode.

Analyze button

The Analyze button lets you re-analyze page results on existing page crawls. Analyzing will re-run tests on an existing page within the app, but will not re-crawl the page on the live website. If you hover over or tab to the Analyze button, the start and finish time of the most recent page analysis will appear.

The Analyze button would most commonly be used to help see the results of a new policy.

Screen capture showing the last started and finished information that appears when focusing on the analyze button.

View in button

The View in button will appear if the current site has a deep link to a Content Management System(CMS) configured. The deep link will allow you to go directly from DubBot to the current page within your CMS.

Screen capture showing the Visit page in integration button highlighted with a dropdown for WordPress.

Disable CSS button

The Disable CSS button shows the current webpage with the style sheet(s) turned off. This is helpful when looking for identified issues that don't appear when viewing a page in the Full preview view. When you select any other View option, the Disable CSS button is inactive.

Change Page Preview Mode button

The Change Page Preview Mode button gives you four options for viewing the current page:

  • Full preview - default selection, you see the webpage as in a normal browser

  • Source code - shows the code behind the page

  • Text only - shows only the text shown on the page

  • Words only

Highlighting the Change page preview mode button and showing the options of Full preview, source code, text only and words only.

If you have questions, please reach out to our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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