View or Edit a Task

Using the Tasks Panel to view, sort, search, filter, open and edit tasks.

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Tasks allow users to collaborate by providing inline highlighting, comment fields, opt-in notifications, and priority assignments. Tasks also enable users to track issues across multiple pages and sites.

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View Tasks

Once a Task has been created, there are two paths to access it:

  • Select the Tasks button in the top navigation area or

    Secondary navigation located in the upper right of the application screen. Available links are Dashboard, Tasks and Settings. A red box is highlighting Tasks.
  • Directly from the page where the Task was created

Tasks Panel

The Tasks Panel aggregates the tasks created across all sites within the DubBot account. Only Open Tasks will initially display. Mostly notable for newer accounts: if no Tasks have been created, there will be no Tasks to display.

The Tasks Panel allows you to sort, filter, and search tasks quickly.

Tasks can be sorted using the Date Created or Priority headers.

You can filter tasks on the following:

  • Status - Open, Resolved or Removed

  • Site - the site where the task originated

  • Assigned to - the person assigned the task

  • Created by - the person who created the task

  • Issue type - Accessibility, Bad Link, Best Practice, Misspelling, SEO, Web Governance

Use the Search button, the magnifying glass icon, to search for a particular task.

You can also download a Common Separated Value (CSV) file of a Task list by selecting the Download CSV button, shown by a cloud icon with a down arrow.

The Tasks page in the application. A red box is highlighting choices you have to view Tasks. Choices are in a vertical layout and include Open, All Sites, Assigned to.., Created by.., Any issue.. The cloud icon with the down arrow is located to the right of these choices.

Open a Task

To open a Task from the Tasks Panel, simply select the Title of the Task to see the Task Detail Panel.

The Task Panel with a red box highlighting the Title of the chosen task.

Edit a Task

The Task Detail Panel gives you the following information regarding a Task:

  • Task Name - editable by selecting the pencil icon, Edit task title button for those with screen readers

  • History of the task

  • Comment section to add a new comment

  • The Resolve Task button should be selected when the task has been completed.

  • The Assignees button will open a drawer with the list of users who can be assigned the task, and a notification will be sent.

  • The Priority button lets you choose between Low, Normal, Important, and Critical.

  • Selecting the Track this issue across all sites checkbox will provide links to the other sites where the same issue is occurring.

  • Select the View Page link to view the issue on the page where the Task was initially created. You can also select the Title of the Task to go to the original Task creation page.

  • The Subscribe to updates button allows you to follow along with comments and changes to a task. You cannot subscribe/unsubscribe for another user, but you can assign other users to the Task if you have appropriate permissions.

Task Detail Panel, on the left side, detailing the task title and issue type along with who the task is assigned to and who assigned the task. The Priority level, choice to track the task, choice to subscribe to updates on the task and participants in the tasks is all located on the right side of the panel.

If you have questions, please contact our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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