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Google Analytics 4 Connector
Google Analytics 4 Connector

December 5, 2023: These notes are a snapshot in time for a feature in DubBot. Additional articles may exist with updated details.

Updated over a week ago

Google Analytics 4 is now available as a connector in DubBot!

Users can now bring new insights into their SEO panel in DubBot by adding a Google Analytics 4 connector.

DubBot SEO panel showing the new GA4 snapshot with a weekly views count.

Google Analytics 4 is a free tool that provides visitor data for your website. With the new connector, you can pull that data into DubBot and get a more holistic view of visitor activity on your site.

A Page view in DubBot, showing the SEO and Analytics menu items selected from the left menu.

With a connected property, you can now view the following analytics from GA4 in the SEO panel of your Site within DubBot:

  • Views

  • Sessions

  • Users

  • Engagement Rate

  • Average Engagement time

Google Analytics connector detailed view showing the breakdown of metrics by URL including Views, Sessions, Users, Engagement Rate, and Average Engagement Duration.

For an in-depth tutorial on setting up the new connector, check out our help article: Connecting Google Analytics 4.

If you have any questions or would like assistance in setup for the GA4 connector, please contact DubBot Support at or by clicking the blue chat icon in the lower right of your screen.

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