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Use the GitHub Connector
Updated over a week ago

This article requires a DubBot admin to set up a GitHub Task Connector for use with the DubBot account.

For more information about setting up the initial availability for the connector, refer to the Add the GitHub Connector to your DubBot account article.

Connect to your GitHub repository

From the Tasks panel. Users who have an account with the GitHub connector setup will see a Cog icon in the right-hand panel for any Task.

Authenticate with your GitHub Account

Each user will need to authenticate themselves with their GitHub permissions to ensure users are only pushing information to GitHub repositories that they have access to.

Note: Each user will only need to authenticate once unless they remove authentication access within their DubBot account or their authentication times out.

If a user has not previously utilized the GitHub connector, the user will need to go to a Task and in the right column, select the Cog icon next to the disabled Push to GitHub button.

In the right panel of the Task screen is a cog icon labeled Issue Tracker Settings.

Selecting the cog icon will present the user with the login screen for GitHub. Users will need to authenticate and give permission for DubBot to access the GitHub account.

Login screen for Sign in to GitHub to continue to DubBot.

Once this has been completed, the user will need to select which GitHub repository tasks will be pushed to in the DubBot interface. Using the Repository to create issues in dropdown field, select the appropriate GitHub repository.

GitHub Settings panel will now have a dropdown to select the GitHub repository to use.

Once the appropriate repository is selected, click the Close button. The GitHub Connector can now push Task information to the GitHub repository and Resolve those corresponding GitHub issues.

Pushing a Task to GitHub

Push to GitHub will create an issue in the configured repository of your GitHub account. Users who have chosen to connect their GitHub repository to DubBot will be able to select the Push to GitHub button within the task panel.

If you are within the Tasks DubBot interface, Tasks will now have a Push to GitHub button.

Push to GitHub button is now under Issue Trackers on the Task panel

Once the Task has been pushed to DubBot, there should now be a button to View on GitHub.

View on GitHub button is now under Issue Trackers on the Task panel

Within the Page Preview, the Task panel will allow users to Push to GitHub via a check box labeled, Push to GitHub, which should be selected before hitting the Task Submit button.

Push to GitHub checkbox is now under Issue Trackers on the Task panel

If the Push to GitHub button is not available to you, it could mean that the Task Connector is not set up for your account or that your specific user account needs to enable access to GitHub from DubBot.

If you are unsure of what needs to be done, please reach out to our support via the chat icon and we will be more than happy to help determine which step needs to be accomplished.

If you have questions, please contact our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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