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Share results of a single webpage with people who do not have a DubBot user account

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Admins and Managers can share single-page reports to users that do not have a DubBot account. This functionality is similar to what is available from Google Drive. A page can be shared through a link and/or a user can be sent an email that allows the user access to the page report.

A shared page provides reported data limited to that single page. Users that receive shared links will find that items, including the Site chooser, Tasks, Sites, and Preferences, are disabled. For these items to be enabled, a user will need a DubBot user account.

Screen shot showing items in the top section of DubBot are greyed out and unable to be selected.

Note: this feature is “opt-in” only. If this functionality does not appear as an option, the feature has not yet been enabled. Please contact DubBot’s Support team if you want this feature enabled.

Share a Page

To share a page, navigate to the specific webpage in DubBot.

Once on the webpage that you want to share, the Share button will be in the left column options below the Open Tasks tab.

Moving through the webpage options, Share is the last option below the Accessibility, Best Practice, Broken Link panel options.

To share a page via a link, click on the Copy Link button at the top of the Share panel.

Once Share is selected, Copy Link button will copy the link for you to paste for sharing..

When a link is shared, the page is viewable via the provided link until that link is reset or the page is deleted. To rescind access via a shared link, the Reset Link button must be selected. Simply select the Reset Link button in the Share panel.

After the Copy Link button is the Reset Link button.

To share a page to a specified email, add an email to the Share with email address text field, and select Share. DubBot displays the list of added email addresses.

Below the Reset Link option is the text field to type in an email for explicitly sharing a page with email addresses.

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