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July 25, 2023: Ignore issue based on source and Refreshing Content

Updated this week

This release brings updates inspired by our clients: ignoring an issue based on its source code and updating resolve issues to Refresh Content for in-page reviews.

Ignore Issue based on Source

To give our users even more granularity when ignoring issues, we have added the ability to ignore an issue based on its source. Previously, if an issue was ignored, all issues on the same page with the same issue were ignored.

Users can now select a single occurrence of an issue on a page and ignore just that issue. This feature will be available for Accessibility and Best Practices. The new Ignore option will log the Element Source and the Issue type.

This new feature will be particularly helpful when dealing with third-party embeds on pages that have issues over which the user has no control. Once a user has ensured there is an alternative method for interacting with that content, they may be able to ignore the error specific to that 3rd party embed.

Imagine you have a webpage with an image of a kitten and a tracking pixel code element, both flagged for lacking ALT text. DubBot will now allow you to simply ignore the alt text error for the tracking pixel code across all pages within your site while still reporting the problem with the kitten image’s ALT text.

First, you will need to select which instance of the reported error you want to ignore by scrolling through the issue selector.

issue selector showing 1 of 2 items in the screen shot

As you scroll, you will notice an increased focus visibility as each issue is selected.

Two bullet points of text where the issue is highlighted by red box. The selected issue has a brighter color and gradient shadow.

After selecting the appropriate issue, a site administrator or manager will now see the following options in the Actions dropdown :

  • Ignore on this Page

  • Ignore on this Site

  • Ignore on this Account

  • See all Pages with this issue type

Error summary information section of the page level report. A red arrow is highlighting the first option in the Actions dropdown menu which is Ignore on this Page.

Users who do not have administrative access will only see the option 'See all Pages with this issue type'.

Screen capture for non-admin users showing option in Action Menu of See all Pages with this issue type

Resolve Issue is now Refresh Content

To help minimize user confusion, we have renamed and expanded access for all users to the Refresh Content button at the top of a page. This was formerly the Crawl button.

Screen capture pointing out new Refresh Content button

Users now have the ability to get more immediate feedback on whether an issue was actually fixed by the edit they pushed to their web server. They don't have to wait for the next full site crawl.

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