Some of the default accessibility checks may not apply to your website's desired accessibility level. If you need to disable a check across an entire site, or group of sites, follow the directions below. If you need to disable a check for a single page, you can do that in the accessibility issues area on that page.

Steps for removing checks

The first step is to go to your site or group's dashboard and locate the Accessibility Score panel. Click on the issues link (35 issues in the example below).

Accessibility Score panel for a group or site in the DubBot App

Next, locate the issue in the list displayed.

List of Accessibility issues found in a site or group in the DubBot app

Next, click the 3 ellipses button under the Actions column for the issue. Choose the option that applies. If you are in a group, there will be an option to 'Ignore for all sites in this group'. If you are in a site, there will be an option to 'Ignore for this site'. If you are an Account administrator, you will see options to 'Ignore for this account'.

Manage Accessibility Checks area for a group in the DubBot app

How to bring back a currently ignored issue

If at some point you decide that you need the issue to display again, use the Settings > Groups or Settings > Sites area. Select your group or site and click on Manage Checks and select Accessibility.

Site Settings manage checks menu under the accessibility tab displaying ignored accessibility issues

Find the issue you no longer wish to ignore, check the box next to it, and click on the trashcan icon that appears for removal. An alert prompt will verify that you actually intend to remove the issue from the "ignore" area.

Ignored Accessibility Issues  list

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