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DubBot Improved Interface
DubBot Improved Interface

January 12, 2021: Top navigation is consolidated, and more....

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DubBot is excited to announce the release of our user interface refresh. Organizations (not utilizing SSO services) that are interested in a preview of the new interface and functionality can log in through this link.

Users will be able to log in using their usual email address and password. If your organization uses SSO, please contact DubBot support ( to get access.

Across the board improvements:

  • Across the board usability improvements within the application for all users, including those who utilize a screen reader

  • On the backend, we moved from Angular to React. The architectural change speeds up render times in DubBot and will also improve development timelines.

  • Page titles display with the URL to make the system more user-friendly to less technical users of DubBot. Search by page title or URL to quickly find pages for review.

  • The top navigation is consolidated, moving Users and Account Settings under "Settings" so that administrators can configure their DubBot account all in one location.

  • The Settings option is no longer present for users who do not have the Admin role.

  • The addition of the Sites switcher that will be present on all pages within DubBot means that users will know what Site they are in from any page and be able to switch quickly to another site for action as needed.


  • The new "Quick Wins" section allows for filtering by issue type. Quick Wins replaced two panels in the previous user interface. (This is one of the features that we are the most excited about).

  • An additional expandable right-hand drawer, used in conjunction with the new Quick Wins functionality, allows users to filter by specific issues and generate reports for pages affected.

  • "Recent Activity" is added to the Dashboard for better visibility and usability.

  • "Trends" are more customizable than before.


  • Added "Element location" for issues on the page level - This is an overall usability improvement so that users will no longer have to use development tools to know what the offending content is. Adding the Element location increases the accessibility of DubBot's interface by providing another means of representation for the issue for users utilizing a screen reader.

  • Added the ability to alter the highlighting color for issues (it no longer has to be red). Clients that use red heavily on their website will likely benefit the most from this feature. Contact the DubBot support team if you would like us to make this adjustment for you.

  • Revamped the reporting for page-level tests. New panel for "Readability," better layout for "Page Stats," and "SEO checks."

  • Added readability metrics to include word and character counts.

  • Added coloring for labels to help convey the severity of impact for accessibility issues and best practices.

  • Added flagging for Policies (Custom Checks) in "Source Code View."

  • Added views for Page display for text-only views including, "Words only" and "Text only"


  • Added the ability to sort by issue type via a dropdown.

  • Added additional color code for priority level of Task designation.


  • Split account settings into two main categories - "General Settings" and "Check Settings." General Settings includes Sites, Users, Groups, and Connectors. Check Settings include Accessibility, Best Practices, Spelling, Flagged Words, Links, and Policies (Custom Checks).

  • Improved the delineation between Site management/configuration and viewing Site results. Sites are now managed separately under "Settings" rather than through the sites' summary panel.

  • User, Group, and Role assignments are much more intuitive.

  • Viewing/editing issues ignored on a site-by-site basis is much more intuitive.

Other improvements

  • Streamlined the downloadable CSV reports, so the columns and information captured are more customizable.

  • Names for CSV downloads will be unique to the day of the download and issue type.

  • Updated Help Center documentation to support new functionality and user interface changes.

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