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Task Overview and Creation
Task Overview and Creation

An overview of Tasks and how to create a task from the page level

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Tasks are action items that help your team collaborate while making website improvements.

On the detailed page view, users can create tasks for an issue reported within the page. Tasks allow users to assign items to themselves or other team members.

In the following image, a user has expanded an issue reported in the Best Practices category. The New Task button is after the issue details.

Best practices category in the detailed page view panel in the DubBot App

Selecting the New Task button creates a dialog box that provides the user with an additional field to add a description and to view the full Task page.

Within the Description field, the user can add details and @mention other users.

With the Create New Task dialog box open the Description field is beneath the Task Title field.

Typing @ in the Description field will bring up the list of users that can be mentioned in the description, as displayed below. @mentioning other users will send those users a notification.

With the Create New Task dialog box open and user enter @ symbol, a list of users pops open in a vertical layout.

Alternatively, clicking the Assignees button located in the upper right will also bring up the list of users that the task can be assigned to and notification sent.

With the Create New Task dialog box open, the Assignees button is highlighted in red.

Selecting the View Task button will take the user to the Task detail panel where additional Task functionality is available.

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