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Issues Filter - view Issues by Role
Issues Filter - view Issues by Role

March 23, 2022

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When creating a profile for a new user, there is an area called Issues Filter.

DubBot App - New user profile, with fields for name, email, role and issues filter

This field allows you to filter issues this user sees to only ones within their responsibility.

DubBot App: Issues Filter zoomed in on

Clicking on the field reveals 2 options:

  1. See all issues (default)

  2. See issues relevant to content editors

DubBot App: Issues filter selected with both options displaying

The option See issues relevant to content editors, is available for all role types. Selecting it allows only the following accessibility rules to be displayed to the user:

  • <marquee> elements are deprecated and must not be used

  • <object> elements must have alternate text

  • <video> elements must have a <track> for captions

  • Active <area> elements must have alternate text

  • All <th> elements and elements with role="columnheader" or role="rowheader" must have data cells they describe

  • All cells in a <table> element that use the headers attribute must only refer to other cells of that same <table>

  • All non-empty <td> elements in tables larger than 3 by 3 must have an associated table header

  • Audio must have controls that provide users with the ability to stop automatically played audio after three seconds

  • Autocomplete attribute must be used correctly

  • Bold, italic text and font-size are not used to style <p> elements as a heading

  • Buttons must have discernible text

  • Data or header cells should not be used to give caption to a data table

  • Documents must contain a title element to aid in navigation

  • Elements containing role="img" have an alternative text

  • Elements whose role is none or presentation must not conflict with other roles.

  • Ensure that links with the same accessible name serve a similar purpose

  • Form <input> elements must have labels

  • Form fields do not have duplicate labels

  • Frames must have a unique title attribute

  • Frames must have title attribute

  • Heading levels should only increase by one

  • Headings must not be empty

  • Image buttons must have alternate text

  • Images must have alternate text

  • Input buttons must have discernible text

  • Links must be distinguished from surrounding text in a way that does not rely on color

  • Links must have discernible text

  • Page must contain a level-one heading

  • SVG images and graphics require accessible text

  • Text elements must have sufficient color contrast against the background

  • Text of buttons and links should not be repeated in the image alternative

  • The <caption> element should not contain the same text as the summary attribute

  • Use aria-roledescription on elements with a semantic role

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