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Interface Option: Underline Links
Interface Option: Underline Links

March 4, 2024: Users can choose to have app links underlined.

Updated over a week ago

Another great client suggestion is now available to our users.

For those who prefer their links underlined, follow these steps:

  • Select your avatar in the upper-right corner of DubBot. Your avatar is your initials until you choose an image. For users utilizing a screen reader, this will be the User Menu option.

  • Select Profile from the dropdown menu

  • Select the Your Details button if not selected by default

  • Check the box beside Underline All Links

  • Select Save

Steps to underline links: 1. Select your Avatar then Profile from the menu, 2. select Your details, 3. Select the box for Underline all links, 4. Select Save

More information on Updating Your User Profile.

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