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Preset Viewport Options Added
Preset Viewport Options Added

November 2023: New dropdown with common viewport values

Updated over a week ago

There is now a Viewport dropdown available with commonly used viewport values to help you easily select your viewport options.

Page Preview/Analysis Options in the Advanced Settings tab of the Site Settings panel in DubBot app

In the dropdown you will find the following options:

  • Use Default Viewport : 1440 x 900

  • Desktop : 1920 x 1080

  • Macbook Air: 1280 X 800

  • Tablets

    • iPad Pro : 834 x 1194

    • iPad Air : 820 x 1180

    • iPad Mini : 768 x 1024

    • Galaxy Tab S7: 800 x 1280

  • Apple Smartphones

    • iPhone 15 Plus/PRO MAX : 430 x 932

    • iPhone 15 (PRO) : 393 x 852

    • iPhone 13 Mini : 375 x 812

    • iPhone 12/13/14 (PRO) : 390 x 844

    • iPhone 11/XR : 414 x 896

    • iPhone 5/SE : 320 x 568

  • Android Smartphones

    • Samsung Galaxy S20 : 393 x 568

    • Google Pixel 5 : 360 x 800

  • Custom Viewport

Page Preview/Analysis Options after choosing Custom Viewport in the Viewport dropdown. Additional fields include viewport width, height, and pixel ratio/scale factor. Also, checkboxes for Crawl using a Mobile and/or Touch Screen device.

Selecting Custom Viewport in the Viewport dropdown will allow you to enter the exact pixel specification you need.

The following fields will appear with this option is selected :

  • Viewport Width - Pixels (up to 2560) the crawler will use for the viewport width. Enter only a whole number, no unit is required.

  • Viewport Height - Pixels (up to 1440) the crawler will use for the viewport height. Enter only a whole number, no unit is required.

  • Crawler Viewport Pixel Ratio/Scale Factor - The measure of how many physical pixels there are in a virtual inch of space on the device.

  • Crawl Using a Mobile Device and/or Touch Screen Device checkboxes - These provide you the option to choose the type of options used for the re-crawl needed after you adjust these settings.

The default values for the Viewport Width/Height and the Crawl Using a Mobile/Touch Screen checkboxes are taken from the last pre-set selection in the Viewport dropdown.

After adjusting the Viewport Width and/or Height, the site must be re-crawled for the data and viewports to be updated.

More information on Advanced Settings for Sites .

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