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Policy Set - Common Website Content Errors
Policy Set - Common Website Content Errors
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This policy set contains the following checks:

Repeating words in content

Flags a very common typo - repeating a short word. An example is finding "the the" in a page or "to to".

Email addresses missing a "mailto:" attribute

Flags email links without 'mailto:' included in the destination for the link, the email address will not be clickable.

Update Link - Link contains Outlook safelink code

Flags Outlook Safelink code. The links should be updated to point to the URL where the link redirects.


Locate usage of ALL CAPS.

Lorem ipsum as a placeholder

"Lorem ipsum" is used often as a text placeholder. With this, you can monitor your site to make sure that it is not used in your production site.

Repeating br tags

Identify <br> or <br /> being used consecutive times in page source.

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