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Policy Set - Gender-specific terms
Policy Set - Gender-specific terms
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This policy set includes checks to flag potential gender-specific terms where gender-neutral terminology can be utilized in a more inclusive manner.

These policies review content for the use of the following gender-specific terms:

  • businessman/businesswoman

    • recommendation: businessperson/people

  • chairman/chairwoman

    • recommendation: chair, chairperson, chairpeople

  • fireman/firemen

    • recommendation: firefighter

  • husband/wife

    • recommendation: spouse

  • layman

    • recommendation: layperson

  • mankind

    • recommendation: humankind

  • manmade

    • recommendation: fabricated/artificial

  • manpower

    • recommendation: workforce

  • policeman, policewoman, policemen, policewomen

    • recommendation: police officer, police force

  • spokesman/spokesmen

    • recommendation: spokesperson/ spokespeople

  • the best man for the job

    • recommendation: the best person for the job

  • the man in the street

    • recommendation: the person in the street

  • upperclassman/upperclassmen

    • recommendation: junior, senior

  • workmanship

    • recommendation: craftsmanship

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