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The DubBot Drupal Module Just Dropped!πŸ’§
The DubBot Drupal Module Just Dropped!πŸ’§

April 16, 2023: The new Drupal module allows users to bring the power of DubBot right into their CMS. Level up your workflow!

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Great news for all DubBot users who utilize Drupal; DubBot is now integrated right inside your CMS! Users can now view a simplified version of the DubBot interface while working on pages inside Drupal. Setup is easy, and our team is ready to show off a demo of the new module by request.

Check out the DubBot Module on the Drupal site!

DubBot module settings

Note: The admin of your Drupal site will have to complete the module setup.

To get started, contact DubBot Support at to request an embed key. Once you have your embed key, you will navigate to the settings page in Drupal (/admin/config/content/dubbot/settings). From there you will fill out the form with your embed key and how you would like the report to be positioned. Save your configuration. Once a site is configured correctly, your overview report will be generated at (/admin/config/content/dubbot).

A screen capture of the settings page for the DubBot module inside Drupal. The form includes a text input field for the embed key, as well as three radio buttons for selecting the DubBot Report position labelled Modal, Side, and Top. The form submit button reads Save Configuration.

DubBot block configuration

The DubBot interface will appear as a customizable block. Admins can add the DubBot block via the Block Layout page in Drupal. In our demonstration photos for this article, the DubBot block can be seen on the right-hand side of the window.

A screen capture of the block settings for the DubBot module in Drupal. The block description reads DubBot Report. There are input fields for Title (required), a radio button to display title, an input field for DubBot link color (required), input fields for visibility including pages, roles, content type and vocabulary, which all have radio buttons to show or hide. A drop down menu to select where to display the block in the Drupal window. The submit button reads Save Block, to the right is a delete button that reads remove block.

DubBot module in action

At the top and left of each page, a DubBot toolbar button will appear, and can be used to bring the user into the DubBot module block.

The block will appear on the selected page(s) and present a summary of the issues that are pulled from the page crawl information for that page in DubBot. This information will include the total issue count, the last crawl date, a tab for each testing category with details about the corresponding issues, and a link to view the page in DubBot.

A screen capture of a page in Drupal with the DubBot module block displaying to the right.

DubBot Results Block

The DubBot Report block first shows errors found in a compressed format and then expanded when selected.

DubBot module block in Drupal with compressed Accessibility errors .
DubBot module block in Drupal with expanded Accessibility error.

DubBot only crawls public pages. If you have pages in your CMS that are not published, the DubBot block will not show, as there is no corresponding report for that page in DubBot.

DubBot module Overview of Results

The module also has an overview page where users given permission can see a higher altitude version of the data from DubBot. This page is automatically generated and will include such information as Page name, issues count, date of latest crawl, and a link to either view the page report in Drupal (default) or DubBot if the drop-down menu is opened.

A screen capture of the DubBot overview page. Includes page titles, issues count, last crawl date, and a column called Operations that contains the button to View Report.

Selecting "View Report" will take the user to that page's DubBot block, as shown below.

A screen capture of the DubBot Report page with the link highlighted to View in DubBot.

For more information or help with your DubBot Drupal Module, please contact DubBot Support. We are always happy to help with any questions!

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