From the top options in a Site's settings panel, administrators can choose User/Group Access. Learn about accessing Checks and other Settings for specific Sites.

Select User/Group Access in the Sites Setting section to find the Select Groups button and the Select User button.

Add the Site to a Group

From this panel, you can select which already existing Group(s) the Site should be added to. The advantage of adding a Site to a Group is being able to have that Group's users get access to the Site and to be able to have a collective dashboard and scoring for a Group of Sites.

Select the Select Groups button below the Group Membership heading to choose Groups that this Site should be added to.

Add Users to the Site

From this panel, you can also add User access and permissions for Users already in your DubBot account. Select the Select Users button below the User Membership heading to choose Users to add to the Site.

More on the Site Settings panel

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