SEO Updates

October 18, 2022

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Individual Page SEO Panel

Updates at the individual page level include:

  • The number of SEO issues is marked via a badge on the tab

  • If the admin or site administrator has decided to ignore SEO issues across the site, a message will be displayed notifying the users.

  • A toggle is available to ignore SEO issues for this page

  • Each issue contains the ability to create/comment on the task, mark it resolved or ignore it

DubBot App SEO Checks panel in the page level view

Note: The Meta description is now less sensitive; an issue won't be reported as long as the Meta Description is between 50-160 characters (the previous setting reported issues if the length was not between 120-160).

Content Overview

The Content Overview section displays SEO-related content from the page. You can click on the arrows to toggle the view of the SEO items.

Page Headers expands to display all H1,H2,...Hn tags contained on the page in the order they appear

DubBot App - Content section in Page SEO panel


Items under Issues are SEO-related problems on the page. Clicking on the arrows will give you a more detailed description of the issue, if one exists.

Issue section of a page level report listing Page title is too short and Meta description is missing.

Quick Wins/View All Pages

Pages with SEO Issues Dropdown

When in the quick wins area or when viewing all pages across your site that have issues, the SEO section in the dropdown has been consolidated.

DubBot App with SEO Issues in the View All Pages dropdown

In the All Pages view, there is a new SEO column displaying the number of issues.

DubBot App View All Pages Table

When selecting Pages with SEO Issues, there is an option to filter the table by a specific issue.

DubBot App - SEO Issues Filter

Readability Scores

An additional Pages with Readability Scores section has also been added.

DubBot App with Pages with issues Dropdown

You can view the different readability scores (ie; Gunning Fog, etc) by selecting the specific readability score type.

DubBot App - Readability Score filters


There are new Account, Site, and Policy settings that accommodate these updates.

Account Settings

In the Account Settings, you can view any SEO issues that have been ignored and reinstate them.

Ignored SEO Issues page with the Account Settings and Account Checks Settings menu to the left.

Site Settings

In Site settings, you can Enable or Disable the SEO checks and also manage Ignored SEO Issues.

DubBot App Site Settings Manage SEO checks

Policies Settings

Custom policies can now be categorized under SEO.

DubBot App Policy Category dropdown list

SEO in Reports and Scores

When running/creating a report, there is a new SEO category with a score and number of issues.

DubBot App report showing SEO score

Within the report, you will see the Top SEO Issues as well as the Pages with the most SEO issues.

DubBot App - Report - Top SEO Issues

DubBot App - Report - Pages with the most SEO Issues

Emails with SEO Scores

When crawls are complete, the SEO score will now be reported in the individual crawl completion email and any email digests.

The main content area of a crawl completion email. The information provided includes scores for overall accessibility, broken links, web governance, and SEO. Also provided is a pink button with white text spelling our Visit your dashboard.

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