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Policy Set - Review suspect Alt (Alternative) text
Policy Set - Review suspect Alt (Alternative) text
Updated over a week ago

This Policy set helps you identify pages that contain images with questionable Alt text.

Checks in this Policy Set

Alt text is the same as the file name

Flags pages with file names in the alt text. Alt text should not be the same as the filename because filenames are typically not descriptive of the image being displayed or its purpose.

Image alt text is less than 12 characters

Flags pages with alt text that is short. Short alt text can sometimes be an indication that included alt text is not descriptive.

Image is marked-up as decorative

Flags pages with images that contain alt="". The images on these pages can then be reviewed to confirm that they are truly decorative in nature and should not have alternative text.

Search for unwanted language or characters in ALT text

Certain language is not descriptive enough for users who are visually impaired. This check helps to uncover the usage of generic language.

This policy contains multiple checks, all in a single check. This looks for parentheses ( and ), underscore _ , the word Image or the shortened version of image, img.

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