Tasks allow users to collaborate by providing inline highlighting, comment fields, opt-in notifications, priority assignments. Tasks also enable users to track issues across multiple pages and sites.

Once a Task is created, users will access the Task via the Tasks panel from the top navigation or directly from the page that the Task was created.

To view the highlighted issue in the page where the Task was initially created, click on the Title of the Task or the View Page link on the right side of the page.

To assign the Task to yourself or other users, select the Assignees button.

The Assignees button will open a drawer from the right side of the page, allowing the user to select assignees. A green checkmark will appear next to the names of the users that are selected. Select Save at the top of the drawer to save the assignees.

To change the priority level of the Task, select the Priority button. Priority levels include: Low, Normal, Important, and Critical. Note that a priority level is not required.

To follow along with comments and changes of a task, select the Subscribe to updates button. Note that you can not subscribe to updates for another user, but you can assign other users to the Task.

Finally, users can track issues across all of their sites by selecting the Track this issue across all sites checkbox. Enabling this checkbox will provide links to the other sites where the same issue is occurring.

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