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Site Scoring More Responsive

May 6, 2024: Score Calculations Refined for Quicker Positive Change

Updated yesterday

Another client suggestion in action!

Did you see an uptick in your site scores across the board?

Previously, we used several 'buckets' to calculate page scores, which required a little more work on your end to see progress in your scores. We have removed those buckets and are now calculating so your corrections result in a positive numerical change when even one issue type is corrected (once you get under 20 issues on a page).

While our full scoring calculation is proprietary, we wanted to share this one variable in the scoring with you to explain this update.

Previous calculation for an individual page's score :

  • 0 issues =100

  • 1-5 issues = 75

  • 6-10 issues = 50

  • 10+ issues = 0

New calculation of a page's score:

  • 0 issues = 100

  • 1 issue = 95

  • 2 issues = 90

  • 3 issues = 85

  • 4 issues = 80

  • ... continuing to subtract 5 from the score ... until reaching

  • 20+ issues = 0

We have purposely accounted for changes to ensure that there is no negative impact on scoring with the change.

An issue is the type of problem that has been flagged on a page. For example, if a page has 7 images, all missing alt tags, it counts as 1 issue.

Here's an example of a site's scores before and after our scoring change:


Site dashboard with scores using the previous formula. Scores for Overall at 86%, Accessibility at 75/100, Broken Links is 99/100, Web Governance is 74/100, Best Practices is at 99/100, Spell Check at 90/100 and SEO is 78/100.


Site dashboard with scores using the new formula. Scores for Overall at 94%, Accessibility at 90/100, Broken Links at 99/100, Web Governance at 94/100, Best Practices at 99/100, Spell Check at 96/100, and SEO at 92/100. Note that there has been no change in the number of pages scanned or the number of issues found.

If you have questions, please contact our DubBot Support team via email at or via the blue chat bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. We are here to help!

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