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Crawling pages with Accordions
Crawling pages with Accordions

August 16, 2022

Updated over a week ago

DubBot has added the option to crawl page content that is hidden by accordions. It can be setup in the Site Settings area.

Locate Page Preview Options

Go to Settings (located at the top right-hand side of your screen).

DubBot App Navigation menu

Choose a site from the sites that appear as the first item in the Settings menu. In that site, click on Advanced.

DubBot App Site Settings Menu

Scroll down to Page Preview/Analysis Options. The first field Selector to click on page load, is where you can add your accordion selector. If you have a selector in that field already (to close banners or popups), simply add a comma behind the current selector(s) and add another one for accordions.

DubBot App site settings advanced menu displaying page preview options

Example Selector

Here is an example of an accordion selector that could be placed in this field:

.accordion-item button[aria-expanded='false']

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