Copy a Site's settings

March 28, 2022

Updated over a week ago

A Site's settings can now be copied to create another site with the same settings, including permissions, customized checks, and site exclusions.

In the Settings area under Sites, there is now a vertical dots column for each site next to the Analyze button.

DubBot App: High level view of the Settings area in a DubBot account.
DubBot App, site settings, detailed view of buttons to the right of a site. Buttons include: Crawl, Analyze, and a vertical column of dots.

This column provides additional options, including Copy Settings - which is the ability to copy a site's settings.

DubBot App, site settings, showing menu displayed when clicking on vertical column of dots. Options are Dashboard, Copy Settings, and Delete.

This will copy the Site's settings, including users/groups, paths to ignore, the type of checks to perform, and crawl options, etc. But it won't copy other content from the site, including pages and reports (you will need to run a crawl on the new site in order to generate page information).

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