Many websites have content sections that may make quality assurance tedious when trying to navigate and preview multiple inventoried webpages. This can pertain to Cookie notifications, Survey popups, Alert messages, etc. Closing these messages out for each webpage and for each quality assurance session can mean wasting time unnecessarily.

Administrators can configure inventoried sites to close these content sections automatically within DubBot.

Disable the content section's display by selecting Settings from the top navigation. Select the Site from the Site list where the content for webpages needs to be closed. In the Site configuration panel, select Advanced. Enter a CSS path for the element that will trigger the close event for the content section in the Selector to click on page load text field.

With the Site Settings page open and the Advance tab option available, the Advance tab and the Selector to click on page load opens are highlighted in red.

To find the CSS path for entering in this field, open a webpage with the content needing to be closed. Inspect Element on the corresponding Close button (sometimes an "X") for the content section. For many browsers, Inspect Element will be accessed by right-clicking on the element and choosing from the menu that appears.

Once the Close element is highlighted in the source code, navigate to the copy submenu (usually via another right-click). Click on the Copy CSS Selector. The copied selector may look something like the following: div#popup > button.alert-close or .alert-close.

Note: the CSS selector provided using this Copy method may be more detailed than necessary. Selectors for closing out these content sections are highly specific to website implementation. Technical administrators with an understanding of HTML and CSS may be able to simplify the selector input by referencing just the ID or class of the Close element.

Information on other Advanced settings can be found in this article. If you have any issues with adding the above, don't hesitate to contact DubBot's Support team using the in-app chat option or by email.

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