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ARIA hidden element must not contain focusable elements
ARIA hidden element must not contain focusable elements

Keeping focus for keyboard users when using ARIA hidden.

Updated this week

This error message is shown in DubBot when code is detected that would cause the "tab focus" to appear lost to a web visitor. 

Web visitors who utilize a screen reader typically rely on using a keyboard to tab through a page versus scrolling through the page using a mouse. Other users may also prefer using a keyboard over a mouse for speed or simply because of limitations of access to a mouse.

Maintaining a visual tab focus is important so that web visitors utilizing a keyboard for browsing know where they are within the page's content. The tab focus will often allow users to click on links to navigate throughout a website.

Tab focus can appear lost if the focus goes into a menu that expands when it is collapsed. Tab focus can also appear lost if the focus goes to an element within a slideshow when the element is not currently the one displayed on the screen. Simply put, tab focus appears lost whenever a user is able to tab to something not displayed on the screen.

A simple way to test tab focus is to tab through a webpage and verify that you are not ever taken to an element that is not displayed on the webpage.

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