DubBot recommends that when site crawls are set up, that they are done in smaller sites, as opposed to crawling your entire site. The biggest advantage is that it allows clients the flexibility to perform faster re-crawls, as opposed to waiting for the whole site to be re-crawled.

Further, smaller sites allow clients to set up Groups, which can limit certain users to only seeing reports for certain sites. The idea behind Groups is that clients are likely to have certain users that do not need to see all of the content that is being tested.

Smaller sites are simply easier to consume. DubBot provides a lot of useful information. Breaking the reports up into smaller chunks allows clients to more easily identify and process the higher priority issues.

In order to break your account up into smaller sites, you'd set up DubBot sites that would be based one level deeper in the folder structure. For example, you'd set up a DubBot site for your Blog, and you'd base the crawl on:

Of course, DubBot Support is available to help set your account up on best practices.

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